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Manly Mondays: Mr. Johnny Hodges

Manly Mondays: Mr. Johnny Hodges
2014/01/27 Better Blueprint

Every Monday in 2014 (less a few time-sensitive posts and in-the-moment expressions) will be dedicated to the men in my life! Manly Mondays is back!


This week we're taking a glimpse at Mr. Johnny Hodges, a jazz musician.

  • Born in Cambridge, MA in 1906
  • He blew the alto saxophone
  • Considered one of the definitive alto saxophones players of the Big Band Era
  • He's most famous for his time with the Duke Ellington band
  • His first instruments were the drums and piano (his mom was a skilled piano player)
  • Sidney Bechet is likely the man we thank for introducing Hodges to the alto saxophone in 1920!
  • Style notes: he was known for his style prowess and, in particular, his layering and textured double-breasted suits; I envision that in addition to a fedora, he would have rock a zip-collar sweater in a rich neutral like the one pictured below from Orvis. Thin enough to layer but substantial enough to stand on its own....
orvis-zip collar- sweater

Mr. Johnny Hodges would rock this with a collared shirt underneath and a classic, slightly-oversized blazer

Grab it for your weekends or casual Friday uniform. It will go from work to weekend, and travel nicely!