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top must-have outerwear guide

top must-have outerwear guide
2019/12/01 Better Blueprint
In Outerwear, Style

My clients send emails every now and again asking about jackets or "dressy coats" or "everyday coats for work" and then wonder when I send a list of must-have outerwear items.

The bottom line is there is no one coat that can do it all ~ and a well-stocked outerwear closet is the way to ensure you are warm, dressed appropriately, and ready for anything Mother Nature throws your way!

Your top must-have outerwear for your cold-weather closet includes....

  1. Everyday commuter coatthis depends on how you get to and fro but it can be a longer down parka if you do public transportation or a shorter wool coat if you drive
  2. Weekend/car coat ~ by definition, a car coat comes just below the butt and is meant to provide coverage and a little warmth but it assumes you're in a car so.....
  3. Longer, dress-up coatthis is the coat you put on for those more formal occasions and tends to be longer (typically mid-calf) and again, provides coverage and a little warmth so think wool/cashmere with perhaps a nice fur collar
  4. Travel jacket ~ if you're most casual, a packable puffer is the way to go! If you do more dressy, then something like this would be great! The goal is thin enough to walk thru the airport without sweating and stuff in an overhead bin but, thick enough to give you some warmth
  5. Girls Night Out/after-hours jacketit's the jacket that has somee chicness to it; it's all about the colors and fit and much less about how warm it is
  6. Outdoors/errand jacketthink about shoveling snow or making snow angels and you'll know what you need! I'd say stick with a hood but if not, this one works for weekends and travel too!
  7. Mid-weight trench coatthis coat can work for travel and should carry you into spring but also assumes you are not spending too much time outdoors!
  8. Classic work coatlove this for everyday and for less dressy date nights and as anything in between....

Good luck but let me know if you have questions or additions.....always open to hearing what I may have missed!