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  • Dec012019

    top must-have outerwear guide

    My clients send emails every now and again asking about jackets or "dressy coats" or "everyday coats for work" and…

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  • Dec092015

    To Be A True Fashion Icon, You Need….

    A peacoat! She is a queen of cool.... Emmanuelle Alt - the editor-in-chief of Vogue Paris since February 2011, succeeding…

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  • Jul302012

    A/W 2012 Trend: Precious Coats

    We all need a coat for winter (unless you reside in Florida or Arizona).  Technically your coat from last year…

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  • Nov022011

    Frugal Fashionista

      Question: I've paid out the nose for college and am still paying, so I have no real money to…

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