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  • Dec012019

    top must-have outerwear guide

    My clients send emails every now and again asking about jackets or "dressy coats" or "everyday coats for work" and…

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  • Nov012011

    Travel to Cape-Town

    Lands' End Canvas has a few great capes for the fall.  I've found my new throw-on uniform that will carry…

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  • Apr072010

    We See Things in Black & White

    Black, by itself, is not the most springy color, agreed?  And white, by itself, is really pushing the envelope on…

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  • Mar082010

    Winter to Spring Transition Piece – Fitted Jacket

    This one is by BCBG and is $50 at!  It's great to layer over a long tee during the…

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  • Mar052010

    Using a Jacket to Exude ‘Tough Chic’

    I'm a fan of leather jackets (and I'm sure I've mentioned this on more than one occasion....remember I have one that has…

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