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We See Things in Black & White

We See Things in Black & White
2010/04/07 Maya H.

Black, by itself, is not the most springy color, agreed?  And white, by itself, is really pushing the envelope on the Memorial Day rule, ya know?  But black & white together is quite a different story -- together they easily welcome spring to our doorstep, make mince-meat of any fashion faux pas, and handily do double-duty for work and weekends!

We wanted to share a few of our favorite combinations as inspiration for the pairing...and to get your creative juices flowing.


  • Soia & Kyo Avery Jacket
  • $220
  • at Soia & Kyo
  • Style notes: great to dress up a black sift dress on a cool work day, or to pair with straight-leg denim on Saturdays with your oversized tote or a clutch if you're headed out to dinner!


  • Maggy London Charmeuse & Knit Dress
  • $98
  • at
  • Style notes: very professional and chic but, charmeuse bodice allows this to be easily dressed up for a night out or fancy dinner!


  • Splendid White Stripe Blazer
  • $107
  • at
  • Style notes: it's ideal with a loose fitting top underneath and a pair of fitted denim or skirt on the bottom.  A chunky black beaded necklace would set this off!!