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  • Sep142015
    men's clothing, grooming, men's closets

    Men Need To Wear More Clothes!

    A recent study of British adults revealed that men only wear about 13% of their clothes. Whoa! FYI - the number…

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  • Sep062011

    WHAT To Wear To Work This Week

    One camel blouse = a full week's worth of work outfits. Add that to your style agenda! Worthington tribal dress,…

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  • Jun242011

    J Crew Fall 2011 Lookbook

    We got hold of J Crew's Fall 2011 Lookbook and while it's a complete downer to think about fall, this…

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  • Mar312011

    Kmart – Keep it Comin’

    I don't think I'll ever fully subscribe to Kmart as my 'go to' place to shop, but my recent purchases…

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  • Sep302010

    A Diane von Furstenberg Shopping/Photo Opp

    These are some terrific photos....great pictures "essays" of the brilliance of Diane von Furstenberg and it provides some outfit options…

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  • Apr072010

    We See Things in Black & White

    Black, by itself, is not the most springy color, agreed?  And white, by itself, is really pushing the envelope on…

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  • Aug032009

    It’s Men’s Week!

    This week Blueprint for Style will have several posts and topics about what's important to the guys including key style…

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