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Kmart – Keep it Comin’

Kmart – Keep it Comin’
2011/03/31 Maya H.

I don't think I'll ever fully subscribe to Kmart as my 'go to' place to shop, but my recent purchases (as part of the Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper program), but they have earned the right to get a little more attention.  I have now road tested all of my items and, unequivocally, they all held up and I got compliments.  The key to these pieces will be mixing high-end with these bargain items, and knowing which items to scoop.

  • Steer clear of black if it's a cotton item - -  the color will fade fairly quickly
  • Mid hues like burgundy, rose, teal work great!
  • Purchase prints that are larger, so muddled detailing isn't an issue
  • Look for embellishments - -  they seem to do this very well!
  • I love dresses....they have a great selection

My second favorite piece was this necklace beaded shell top ($15.39) - -  it eliminated the need for a necklace, the fit was quite flattering, and the material was mid-weight and just right for 'going out' and under my Plastic Island blazer.  Unfortunately there is no Kmart in striking distance or I'd be the inventory is expanded since the sell Sears items as well!

Necklace Beaded Shell Top