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  • Nov202012

    My $99 Marshall’s Find: Feeling Blue Today

    I'm part of Lucky Magazine's Style Collective and I was given an assignment - head to Marshall's, find something stylish,…

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  • Aug052012

    A Lucky Mag Outfit

    I love Lucky Magazine not just because it's interactive and does hi-low well, but because it provides quite a bit…

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  • Sep092011

    Timberland Boots to Help

    While at the Lucky Magazine FABB conference, I dropped in the Timberland suite and did a bit of philanthropic work!…

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  • Sep082011

    I Rocked the Runway For Express…for a Minute

    Yesterday as part of the Lucky Magazine FABB conference, Express allowed us to walk the runway and get it videotaped. …

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  • Sep072011

    #LuckyFABB is Today!

    As a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, I've been invited to attend their second annual Fashion & Beauty Bloggers Conference (FABB)…

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  • Jul302011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    Definitely an interesting read, Grace Coddington's memoir has been sold to Random House for $1.2 million reportedly and will include her early…

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  • Jul092011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    Still lusting for stylish finds under $100 then click here for accessories, clothing, and bits n' baubles that will leave…

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  • Mar312011

    Kmart – Keep it Comin’

    I don't think I'll ever fully subscribe to Kmart as my 'go to' place to shop, but my recent purchases…

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  • Mar302011

    baby phat…But Not Quite Grown-Up

    You already know I'm a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, so I get the opportunity to receive and review certain merchandise. …

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  • Mar212011

    Kmart….Quality? Rocker Chic!

    So the biggest question I am getting right now is whether or not the "quality" of my Kmart pieces is…

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  • Dec082010

    Lands’ End Canvas…New Blue!

    As a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, I often receive emails followed by fabulous gifts at my door...and three days ago…

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