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Kmart….Quality? Rocker Chic!

Kmart….Quality? Rocker Chic!
2011/03/21 Maya H.

So the biggest question I am getting right now is whether or not the "quality" of my Kmart pieces is up to snuff.....and the answer is kinda.  Is it the same quality as the cute dress by L.A.M.B. I scoop from Saks or the Bensoni skirt I picked up at Gilt Groupe - no, but it's on par with the items I'd scoop from H&M or Target and that's what makes it a winner!

Kmart - Rocker Chic

Set your expectations right, and then walk into your local Kmart (or online) and you're bound to be pleased.  I'm showing the Border print dress I scooped - I paired it with black leggings, a short sleeve v-neck tee (I'm always cold) and a pair of chunky black boots and I was ready to rock the walkway all day!  I got quite a few compliment and while I don't think the dress will last beyond the end of the year, the cost per wear is a no-brainer and it gives me just a little more flexibility in my wardrobe!