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baby phat…But Not Quite Grown-Up

baby phat…But Not Quite Grown-Up
2011/03/30 Maya H.

You already know I'm a Lucky Magazine Alpha Shopper, so I get the opportunity to receive and review certain merchandise.  For the most part, the items received are fun and in line with what I expect....not this time.  I received a pair of Paula baby phat wedge booties in black and wasn't quite sure how to workthem.  I admit I frequently use these freebies as a time to expand my style bandwidth and see how to make some things work, but these shoes left me scratching my head a little bit.  Let me share a few tidbits with you:

baby phat Paula

  • I loved the black material - - -  it appeared rich and not faded!
  • The faux wood heel looked fake - - - I wanted a better looking imitation
  • I appreciated the slit and stretch buckle center - - -  because I often run into people with wider feet and this makes for a great compromise!
  • The stud trim serve to add a little extra finish and that is accomplished
  • It's an open toe, wedge bootie which makes it ideal for spring (almost now), but the material isn't breathable
  • OVERALL: sadly, I'd rate the shoe a 5/10 because in spite of the pleasing aesthetic, the small details make it a miss and it's $69.  Kimora I know you're not associated with baby phat anymore, but I was so hoping for a little more upscale zest!