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Men Need To Wear More Clothes!

Men Need To Wear More Clothes!
2015/09/14 Better Blueprint

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A recent study of British adults revealed that men only wear about 13% of their clothes. Whoa! FYI - the number for woman is roughly 40%!!

And if that wasn't bad enough, men spend more money on the clothes they don't wear than women. The study which was sponsored by found that men spend $1,020 (vs. $945 for women).


The [unsubstantiated] theory is that their lady counterparts push men to buy stuff they don't want. Say what?! One additional thought is that men only love a handful of items and are, essentially, creatures of habit. Say what?!

Guys: is this true? What percent of your closet gets used? And why doesn't that remainder get added to the rotation?