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everyday #wfh earrings

everyday #wfh earrings
2020/05/01 Better Blueprint

Most folks know that my favorite earrings are my Erickson Beamon razor's edge earrings!

But given our everyday situation is working-from-home, they hardly seem appropriate so, I've had to find something else. Frankly, I need/want earrings because they add sparkle to the face but also for impromptu FaceTime calls that I field (now that I've relaxed my hair again!!). Plus I need something I can fall asleep in that won't hurt me when I wake up the next morning.

The answer so far has been a fun doisy-do/juggling of these butterfly beauties, CZ studs, and these bee studs (kinda like 'I'm a busy bee'...get it?!?!?).

How are you handling your earring situation? Are you even putting them on? My recommendation would be YES!