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nordstrom’s anniversary sale

nordstrom’s anniversary sale
2021/07/31 Better Blueprint
I use the Nordy's Anni Sale for two purposes: to get ready for fall/winter with some elevated essentials, and to snag a few lust items that I can use immediately...because we all believe in IG (that's instant gratification, not Instagram!)
My 11 perfect pieces are:

great balance between joggers and leggings without the drawstring


Yay for no underwires!

We ARE ready for travel, right?! And it's recycled cashmere so earth-friendly?!!

I bought my first pair here back in 2003 at the Anni sale (1ct tw); you'll have them for a lifetime!

See what ALL the buzz is about before you buy the big one!! They are olfactory nirvana......

as a short-hair-don't-care and queen of the workout walk, this is a LIFESAVER!

Getting my kitchen together to get 'fancy' this fall so this cutting boar that doubles for serving is perfect!


I'm a @motherdenim girl because they fit insanely well and are all about sustainability!!


Would love them in a brighter color but they are clutch for fall (think wet leaves) and early winter (think morning coffee runs!)

It's perfectly cozy for the house but throw on a belt and you can take it on a grocery store run or kid drop off and still look put together!

This is our BIG surprise piece!! In the winter white, this paired with combat boots or some metallic strappy heels, and your track pants are ready to go out!!!!