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my longstanding love affair with denim

my longstanding love affair with denim
2020/05/15 Better Blueprint
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I'm not sure when I came to admit it but I've had a longstanding love affair with denim for as long as I can remember! I thought it happened when I became an entrepreneur in the early 2000s and got to see how flexible it was but no. I thought maybe it happened when I purchased my first pair of $200+ jeans in Philadelphia with my friend Natalie back in the mid-90s but no. I wondered if it was when I wore the same jeans for three days straight (very long story....) back in 1989 but no. I kept searching and then I found it!

It was when I woke up one Saturday to my mother yelling upstairs to me and my sister, "You have five minutes to get ready if you want to leave with me today." I jumped out of bed, threw on a pair of faded, wide leg jeans + patterns rubber boots + a striped crewneck sweater and made it downstairs with at least one minute to spare. I thought I was fierce!

I forgot to do my hair so that was a hot mess but my outfit was everything - and from that day forward, jeans became a go-to for me to retain my savvy, fashion flair that I was known for [by my family only....LOL].

Flash forward to today and the love affair continues...

Even in lockdown, one of my go-to outfits includes a pair of seriously worn in jeans + a vintage tee. What's your lockdown lazy look?

So far, during my lockdown, I've added several pairs of denim to my collection including the imogene + willie Josette Harlow which I like but don't really love because I now know that I'm not a high-waisted jean fan. Also a host of Frame denim from their recent/legendary online sample sale. All of those were mid-rise so nothing but love.... And also the Current Elliott sale!

I've switched my "favorites" over time mostly because of my body changes, daily tasks, and the evolution of denim but jeans remain a must-see whenever I go to a big sale, consignment store, or specialty/boutique shop. My current list of favorites include:

I won't bore you with all of the details but my love of jeans has expanded to include jean jackets, denim rompers, vintage jean skirts, and of course jeans! Below I provide a fairly lengthy look at my current favorites.

Knowing you love denim too, my challenge to you: WHEN DID YOU FIRST FALL IN LOVE WITH DENIM?!