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fall/winter 2021 wardrobe refresh

fall/winter 2021 wardrobe refresh
2021/10/27 Maya H.
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Do you want to try incorporating a few of this year’s hottest trends into your wardrobe? Regardless of your wardrobe concerns, fall is the time to give your wardrobe a makeover.

The top essential pieces you need in your clothing line-up to refresh and update your look this fall and winter include...

Light Jacket

Perhaps the most important item you’ll need throughout the chilly autumn season is a light jacket that is stylish and functional. With the weather being unpredictable this time of year, you’ll want to select a jacket that can protect you from the elements. A trench coat in classic camel, or navy will be the easiest to pair with a variety of outfits, but if you want to go for more of a statement, an olive-colored jacket can be a fresh pop of color, while still staying on-trend for the season.

Comfortable Undergarments 

No matter what pieces you have in your wardrobe, the foundational items will always be most important. You’ll want to make sure to stock up on underwear in a variety of styles, including women’s boxers (yes, you heard that right!) An underwear style like boxers is not only a comfortable addition to your wardrobe, but they are a unique undergarment that can be worn under clothing or on their own as a pair of shorts.

Versatile Boots

The next item that can easily refresh your wardrobe is a great pair of boots. Selecting a pair in a neutral color like black or brown is essential to pulling off a sophisticated fall look. The style you go for is completely up to you, whether it be mid-calf height, short ankle Chelsea boots, or a dramatic knee-high pair, any style can help show off your personality while still looking fresh and fashionable for fall and winter.

Neutral Sweater

Sweaters are a classic cold-weather staple that nearly every person already has in their closet. The issue here is if you have an old reliable sweater that has deteriorated over the years, or just simply isn’t stylish anymore - that means, it’s probably time for an upgrade. Try swapping out your old, tired cable knit v-neck sweater for something a little more timeless like a crew neck cashmere sweater or a chunky wool turtleneck. Not only are these classic styles always fashionable, but they’re sure to pair nicely with a variety of outfit options.

Go-To Jeans

The final item you need to include in your wardrobe refresh is a pair of jeans that never fail. If you don’t already have a favorite pair of jeans that you gravitate towards every time you get dressed, then it’s time for you to start searching. A pair of medium or light wash jeans that are high-waisted and straight-legged is a great classic style that would easily fit into any fall wardrobe.

The cooler weather gives us opportunities to dress up and enjoy a cozy and stylish outfit from time to time. This year, try elevating your look with a wardrobe makeover following these recommendations to get you started.