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  • Oct272021

    fall/winter 2021 wardrobe refresh

    Do you want to try incorporating a few of this year’s hottest trends into your wardrobe? Regardless of your wardrobe…

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  • Nov132015

    Ready for the Weekend: Boot Out Bad Vibes

    It's time to kick the week to the curb! I don't know about you but my week has been a…

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  • Oct022013

    Midweek Want: Panelope Bootie

    I'm not a bootie girl but I like this one....first, the camel color (it's deceiving because it's more grayish than…

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  • Nov182010

    Like It, Love It, or LOSE It?

    I dig because it's Corso Como that means they have a cushion and those booties are made for walkin'!…

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  • Aug132010

    Give the Boot to this Trend Report

    A popular fall trend is booties- click the picture to see the fabulous selection!

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