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a lesson in high-waisted denim

a lesson in high-waisted denim
2019/02/22 Better Blueprint
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I want to share my style lessons so you can make the proper adjustments or not fall into the same rut... In this instance, I am talking about the lesson of 'high-waisted' jeans. They are NOT made for everyone!

I wanted to make these work because they were selvedge denim ~ they were straight leg styling ~ they were worn in and slightly distressed. Everything signaled "love" until I got them home and rocked them to the Marsha Ambrosius concert....bad.

High-waisted denim (or pants) are made for the very thin, those with little or no stomach or love handles or those with a long torso/mid-section. I am none of these!

If you want some awesome denim that fit like a glove and will accent the shape of a woman who likes her cookies (smh!!) then stick with mid-rise options like these....