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  • Jul012020

    my june obsessions & purchases

    June Purchases The most basic but versatile piece in any closet is a button down white shirt. I found a…

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  • Feb222019

    a lesson in high-waisted denim

    I want to share my style lessons so you can make the proper adjustments or not fall into the same…

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  • Jul222015
    madewell, paris amour tee, t shirt, graphic tee

    My Secret Pursuit: Graphic Tees

    Well let me be more specific because it's not just a t-shirt with writing on it..... I'm looking for those…

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  • Apr222015

    Spring Must Haves: Satchels

    This can be a tricky thing because the average "working girl" today uses one bag and that bag has to…

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  • Apr202015

    How Much Should I Spend on Clothes?

    Have you ever had a more loaded question?! But the answer is apparently pretty simple.... Accordingly to financial planner Peter…

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  • Apr032015

    Sale: Madewell

    It's the baby sister to J.crew but FIRE! Madewell is making awesome stuff that lasts, is contemporary and relevant, has…

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  • Feb042015
    Nordstrom, Eddie Bauer, flask

    Valentine’s Day Gifts

    I'm not even sure I really need anything but, in an effort to be a 'team player', I came up…

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  • Nov142014

    Quintessential White Shirt

    What's one of the items that you'd miss immediately if it were gone?? [Hint: look at the title of this…

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