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Sale: Madewell

Sale: Madewell
2015/04/03 Better Blueprint

denim shirt

It's the baby sister to J.crew but FIRE! Madewell is making awesome stuff that lasts, is contemporary and relevant, has a classic underpinning, and Kin Ying Lee is battig 100%!

I don't typically post sales but I found several pieces that I not only purchased but recommended to clients because we're ALL ready for spring and what better way to shake off the winter blues than by shopping! There are lots of pieces worthwhile but I found four pieces that mean instant polish for work, a red carpet for spring, and continuous versatility: a cuff bracelet [an easy statement piece], mid-rise dark grey denim [denim is always hot and the color makes it more versatile], kimono jacket [forget a blazer because this reads easy chic], and leather satchel [you can't have too many and it comes in navy and cognac for spring/summer!].

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