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  • Oct272021

    fall/winter 2021 wardrobe refresh

    Do you want to try incorporating a few of this year’s hottest trends into your wardrobe? Regardless of your wardrobe…

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  • Aug162020

    jeans are out. joggers are in.

    So says WaPo, most financial indicators, and 'the streets'! Jean sales have been on the decline for the last five…

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  • May152020

    my longstanding love affair with denim

    I'm not sure when I came to admit it but I've had a longstanding love affair with denim for as…

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  • Feb222019

    a lesson in high-waisted denim

    I want to share my style lessons so you can make the proper adjustments or not fall into the same…

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  • Aug112015

    Trending: Denim

      It's back but actually, it never left - I'm talking about denim. Denim for jeans but also shirts, jackets,…

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  • Aug072015
    AG denim, jeans, eco-friendly

    Denim Love: AG Denim

    Have you ever even heard of AG Denim? I have but I suspect it's because I love denim and jean…

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  • Mar102015

    The Vastness of Denim

    I am reminded of the versatility and vastness of denim - it's everywhere! It's an American bred "thing" that is…

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  • Oct032014

    Where Not To Wear Denim

      I'm in love with that invention called denim just as much as the next girl (or guy) but we…

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  • Feb172014

    MANly Facts: Jeans

    The average man owns three to five pairs of jeans. What about you?

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  • Apr252013

    Denim Day! Imogene + Willie

    Do you love denim? How many pairs of jeans do you own? You ever heard of Imogene + Willie? Maybe…

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  • Apr182013

    The 501 Is 140

    It was 140 years ago that Levi Strauss introduced the 501 jean ~ with its patented riveted pockets. In large…

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  • Apr172013

    How Should Your Jeans Fit?

    We get the question of how jeans should fit from men all the time: what about relaxed or bootcut? low…

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  • Feb082013

    Men Are More Than Jeans, Dapper Dons Less Denim

    I love jeans and even as a stylist, my most comfortable outfit includes a pair of jeans (ok....or a dress!)…

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  • Jul252012

    A Dapper Don & His Denim

    I saw this picture in GQ (it was from Backyard Bill; focused on New York Fashion Week, September 2011) and…

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  • Mar042012

    An Easy Chic Look

    A question everyone seems to ask me as a stylist is, "How can I do casual better?" The answer lies…

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  • Jan242012

    A “Denim Do Now” Thing

    I made up that title but it's catchy, huh?!  It's a nice way to say 'if you need some denim,…

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  • Jan042012

    My Official Jeans for 2012: J Brand Jeans

    I am an African-American woman who has a butt and hips but, more importantly, thighs! The shapely/curvaceous curse of the…

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  • Sep262011

    Diamonds & Denim for DC Divas

    We wish everyone could have the perfect pair of jeans, but for now it's just the DC divas and dapper…

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  • Sep132011

    Yummie Tummie Jeans!

    Yes, they exist! Ok I am super behind, but I had the chance earlier this summer to chat it up…

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  • Sep012011

    Casual Wear: Jeans

    We received a question from a gent who wanted to know the deal with denim -- When is it time…

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  • Jul282011

    The Burke Trouser

    I love denim and, as much as the 70's glam trend doesn't love me, I love it!  Enter: the Burke…

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  • Apr172011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    Every fashionista loves discovering what the latest in fashion is, where, and how to get it! Real-life shopping is not…

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  • Apr022011

    6 Things We Want to Share This Week

    Wrap yourselves up in lightweight scarves this spring!  These lightweight versions will give your outfit a put-together look, without the…

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  • Oct072010

    Denim Guide

    Yoox Denim Guide

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  • Aug102010

    Jean-ious Insight

    I wanted to share Tory Burch's thoughts on denim...she has some great insight!

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