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Trending: Denim

Trending: Denim
2015/08/11 Better Blueprint
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It's back but actually, it never left - I'm talking about denim. Denim for jeans but also shirts, jackets, dresses, blazer, sport coats, ties, shoes and sneakers, handbags and more!

denim for matchesfashion3You already have jeans and probably another denim item but if you're debating taking your denim to work, consider the following three rules:

  1. dark denim only
  2. your denim should be free of whiskering, embellishments, etc
  3. only one piece of denim per look

Given my love for denim, you can imagine I'm salivating at everything flashing before my eyes but, I'm practicing some level of restraint.

It’s the best American fashion invention- bar none. If you’re in a more traditional or formal work environment, my recommendation would be to opt for denim blazer with a monochromatic look. If you’re in more creative place of work, you can get jiggy with it, right? Start with a funky denim shirt (on sale right now!) or skirt.

In a pinch, head to The Gap because their 70s campaign is centered almost entirely around denim looks...