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A Dapper Don & His Denim

A Dapper Don & His Denim
2012/07/25 Better Blueprint

I saw this picture in GQ (it was from Backyard Bill; focused on New York Fashion Week, September 2011) and instantly fell in love. Not with the model, Armando Cabral, but with his casual command of denim. There are a few other pictures in the photo journal and here's what I got out of them:

  • you never see denim ironed (a BIG no-no!)
  • you don't see denim dragging the ground
  • you don't find too much craziness on top
  • you do find a relaxed fit that straddles "casual and neat, but comfortable" very easily

{photo from Backyard Bill photo journal, GQ}

A man in denim is sexy! The favorites for this casually cool look are:

  • A.P.C. {will need a few runs to wear them in}
  • Nudie Jeans {ready for a real-time switch in the dressing room}
  • Levi's Vintage {ready to rock right out the store}