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Tech Isn’t Tactile, The Power of Paper

Tech Isn’t Tactile, The Power of Paper
2012/07/25 Better Blueprint

There's something lovely, memorable, sincere, and treasured about paper. Think about the last time you received a handwritten note ~ chances are pretty good that you still have it. Contrast that with your most recent email "thank you" ~ it's likely in the "Trash" waiting to be permanently deleted.

I think my love of paper came from my mother ~ it was in the form of note pads, journals, calendars, daily planners, cards (lots of cards!), and doodle paper {not to be confused with note pads or sticky pads}. If you wanted to send a friend a "thank you" for a gift or well-timed gesture, it was done with a plain card that required you to write (yes, write). If you wanted to talk with your girlfriend who was out of town, you wrote her phone number on a note pad (do you remember when you actually had to remember someone's phone number?). If you wanted to plan your pick-ups for after school sports, you noted all of your whereabouts on the desk-sized calendar.

Yes ~ I got it honestly....and then I may have lost it.

Today, I can barely remember my father's mobile number (because I call him using his name, not his number). I haven't written a "thank you" in almost five months (although it's a new habit I'd like to pick up). My calendar for the blog is done online. My scheduling of meetings is done using any number of resources from Tungle to whenisgood. My trip planning is done on my #XPS or iPad using Evernote.

The problem is that something has gotten lost ~ it's a little bit related to the art of writing (everyone says everything in 140 characters or less)'s a little related to the "microwave" society we live in that regards I.G. (instant gratification) over snail mail....and I'm sure there are other fingers to point.

My point is this ~ I'm drawing a line in the proverbial sand. I'm restoring a bit of power to paper and pen, and upping my use of "thank you" cards. It's a small gesture but I suspect one that will be appreciated by the receiver.

Let me know if you want to reconnect with the power of paper. Just click here and look for your letter in the mail!