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  • Jul252012

    A Dapper Don & His Denim

    I saw this picture in GQ (it was from Backyard Bill; focused on New York Fashion Week, September 2011) and…

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  • May102012

    $700 Denim

    These PRPS NOIR Barracuda denim jeans are $682 at Matches. What makes them special and worth $682? PRPS has perfected weekend denim…

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  • Mar162012

    Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Pants For All!

    This isn't rocket science but every man needs an appropriate selection of trousers. What are they? We went to Zara…

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  • Jan242012

    A “Denim Do Now” Thing

    I made up that title but it's catchy, huh?!  It's a nice way to say 'if you need some denim,…

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  • Sep012011

    Casual Wear: Jeans

    We received a question from a gent who wanted to know the deal with denim -- When is it time…

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