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Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Pants For All!

Hear Ye, Hear Ye, Pants For All!
2012/03/16 Better Blueprint

{Zara Classic Trousers, $59.90}

This isn't rocket science but every man needs an appropriate selection of trousers. What are they? We went to Zara to see if we could find everything we need and , lo and behold, we did!

  • dress slacks, $59.90 ~ they're meant for meeting the parents, a museum outing, a cultural event, a swanky guys dinner
  • chinos, $59.90 ~ they're meant for a feeble attempt at dress up, a casual dinner at a friend's house, Saturday chillin'
  • jeans, $79.90 ~ wear them any and everywhere, for date night, for a rancorous pub crawl, for boating, for Sunday brunch, for everything!
  • suit pants {after all, the jacket without the pants would look a bit awkward...eey?}

In full disclosure:

  • Zara is a Eurpoean store, so size up
  • Most cuts run narrow so for the ample-butt guy, go up two sizes
  • The pricing is very reasonable, so a $50 purchase + $30 of tailoring makes then perfect for you and still less than anything designer!
  • The seem to specialize in charcoal grey and navy ~ that should give you a clue about the best base colors to have in your closet...
  • I've been shopping there before they had US locations ~ ladies it's a veritable gold mine for Euro stylishness!

{Zara Trousers with Buttons, $79.90}