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Denim Love: AG Denim

Denim Love: AG Denim
2015/08/07 Better Blueprint
In Denim, Style

AG denim, jeans, eco-friendly

Have you ever even heard of AG Denim? I have but I suspect it's because I love denim and jean material.

Yul Ku started this brand 15 years ago with Diesel cofounder Adriano Goldschmied thinking eco-friendly from day one!

  • They even utilize this ozone technology process that eliminates 56% of the company's water and chemical usage
  • Energy-efficient washing machines are used
  • The aged look is created by hand using a grinder
  • They donate scraps to make gloves and interior padding for cars

If you didn't love the brand before, consider how or if your new pair of jeans are equally as eco-friendly!

4-star reviews on their maternity jeans and 5 year rainfall jeans (cigarette leg with all the vintage trappings)!!!