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Yummie Tummie Jeans!

Yummie Tummie Jeans!
2011/09/13 Better Blueprint

Midrise Skinny Jeans

Yes, they exist! Ok I am super behind, but I had the chance earlier this summer to chat it up with Heather Thomson, the CEO of Yummie Tummie, and besides being a disciple of her shapewear (which is breathable and flexible), I just gushed over how cool and humble she was.  We'll feature the interview we did with her later this week, but today I'm all about the denim I sported during New York's Fashion Week (it's that time of year and we're gearing up for our Diamonds & Denim event on September 28th)!

These Midrise skinny jeans are a cutting edge mix of premium denim, leggings, and shapewear (OMG right!). I rocked them with a pair of high heel aubergine/black croc-print shoes, aubergine and black pinstripe fitted, vintage blazer and a white tee....and I looked pretty haute.  Even haute enough to turn heads at the Lucky Magazine offices! While I'm not at liberty nor do I really know the technology that goes into them, I can say every woman should own a pair.

As you begin/continue to build your wardrobe, you'll find certain items getting used more frequently or perhaps even 60% of the cases, those are staple items that you should possess in multitude.  Living in DC and dealing with this nasty, wet weather, I am now convinced that they can take me from the haute halls of fashion to travel comfort to DC street smarts to Saturday fun -- and I bet you'll find the same thing.