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my new running sneakers

my new running sneakers
2018/06/13 Better Blueprint

I'm determined to get more fit; and a part of that is walking/running/jogging...

Truth be told, I used to run but with my knee injured, I restrict myself to walking and light jogging (in intervals) so my half marathon days are likely over.

That said, I still have criteria I use when purchasing my 'sneaks' because there is some fashion to it after all:

  • they need to be colorful
  • they need to top out around $110-ish
  • they can't make my feet look huge
  • they need great arch support (I have higher-than-normal arches)
  • I'm a neutral runner so don't need to worry about pronating...
  • ...and not too wide since my foot is medium width

I just snagged a new pair and with my trip to Orlando, I'm ready to try them out in the sunshine (since I can't get any in DC)!!