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  • Jul312021

    nordstrom’s anniversary sale

    I use the Nordy's Anni Sale for two purposes: to get ready for fall/winter with some elevated essentials, and to…

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  • May012020

    everyday #wfh earrings

    Most folks know that my favorite earrings are my Erickson Beamon razor's edge earrings! But given our everyday situation is…

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  • Jun132018

    my new running sneakers

    I'm determined to get more fit; and a part of that is walking/running/jogging... Truth be told, I used to run…

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  • Feb232018

    sexy summer sandals

    SCORE! Aren't we always looking for a cute sandal to add a touch of pep to our t-shirt and jeans…

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  • Apr032017

    your initials in gold!

    Admit it - we're all obsessed with seeing our "name in lights"....or in this case, in gold on our arm!…

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  • Jan192017

    work saucy dress

    I'm doing more business-focused work in 2017 but not soo business that I need to be in a suit. And…

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  • Mar222016

    Add Feminine Chic To Your Style Persona

    Yep - just like a jiffy! Only it's not so easy but with a quick download of Blueprint for…

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  • Aug202015
    luxury, finds under $50

    Eight Under $50

    From time to time, I find things that I deem "a steal" either because there's only a few left, the…

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  • Apr282015

    Step Lightly into Spring: Flats (Part 3/5)

    I now wear them more than I ever imagined but, for others they are the go-to so let's plan to…

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  • Apr202015

    How Much Should I Spend on Clothes?

    Have you ever had a more loaded question?! But the answer is apparently pretty simple.... Accordingly to financial planner Peter…

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  • Sep192014
    Eddie Borgo, bracelet

    Make A Statement With Statement Jewelry

    I'm in the camp that says your jewelry should make an impact on your outfit. If you're wearing it and…

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  • Mar132014

    A Jacket for Work & Play

    I saw this short sleeve jacket with Anh featured it on her blog, 9to5 Chic, a couple of weeks ago.…

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  • Oct022013

    Midweek Want: Panelope Bootie

    I'm not a bootie girl but I like this one....first, the camel color (it's deceiving because it's more grayish than…

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  • Feb272012

    Saw It, Bought It, Wore It, Rocked It, Loved It!

    This Olivia Moon maxi skirt is perfect for its jersey/spandex material, the multidirectional striped panels, and the high/low angled hemline that make…

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  • Apr072010

    We See Things in Black & White

    Black, by itself, is not the most springy color, agreed?  And white, by itself, is really pushing the envelope on…

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  • Jul042009

    Elle Does It for $823 – How About a 50% Discount?

    In Elle’s Fashion Spotlight section focused on “Summer Interview Style”, they show the following out for $823.30 for 4 pieces. …

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