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Make A Statement With Statement Jewelry

Make A Statement With Statement Jewelry
2014/09/19 Better Blueprint

I'm in the camp that says your jewelry should make an impact on your outfit. If you're wearing it and it's "so-so...not much to write home about", why wear it?

About seven months ago, I started the search for a fabulous bracelet that would stand on it's own but be equally as comfortable with my other arm candy, and I wanted it to have some element of navy blue since it's my signature color. Clearly, the search yielded a few option ok options but nothing genuinely moved me.

Until I spotted something special from Eddie Borgo!

Eddie Borgo, bracelet

It's rose gold and...wait for it, blue! With brass and rose gold plating, and blue enameling it channels a Moroccan flavor. It's meaty and I'm excited!! It also comes in mustard but this is what's singing to me.

Stay tuned...