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Travel Destinations: Mexico City, Charleston, Savannah

Travel Destinations: Mexico City, Charleston, Savannah
2014/09/17 Better Blueprint
palacio de bellas artes

{photo from, Palacio de Bellas Artes}

Not sure there's a theme to today's travel destinations. Having been to Mexico City several times, I've fallen in love with it a bit. There's culture but also a wonderful sophisticated grittiness that makes it appeal to any urban dweller. And then South Carolina is one of those states that requires you eat your way through it....

  1. Mexico City ~ the city has over 170 official museums and the Zocalo  is where you'd find me; and they have all of the top hotels of which I love the W Hotel, Hotel Condessa, and the Polanco district
  2. Savannah ~ it's yummy and between Shopscad and Savannah Bee Company, it warrants at least a week
  3. Charleston ~ I just need to eat my entire way through the city and just plan to do a cleanse when I'm done. My top choice would be Bin 152.