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  • Jul312021

    nordstrom’s anniversary sale

    I use the Nordy's Anni Sale for two purposes: to get ready for fall/winter with some elevated essentials, and to…

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  • Feb202018

    j.crew is hemorrhaging

    They've been attempting a financial and sartorial turnaround across the last year or two ~ they let go of the…

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  • Jun302015
    Becca Cosmetics, bronzer

    Never Ask, “Where Did You Get That?” Again!

    How To Shop Monica's (@Blueprint4Style) Instagram You shouldn't feel funny asking where I got something or how much it costs...I'm…

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  • May182015

    Old Face, New Clothes: Nick Wooster

    Name: Nick Wooster Former Occupation: fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman Current Calling: clothing designer Age: 54 years old/young Say What?:…

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  • May112015

    “Right as Rain” Quote

    "Ninety-nine percent of rainproof products are woven. Typically, that means synthetics that won't patina like cotton or leather. But as…

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  • Apr202015

    How Much Should I Spend on Clothes?

    Have you ever had a more loaded question?! But the answer is apparently pretty simple.... Accordingly to financial planner Peter…

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  • Apr082015

    Shopbop Sale & Spring Style

    The taste of spring got me started and now this Shopbop spring sale has the good times rollin''s 25% off…

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  • Apr032015

    Sale: Madewell

    It's the baby sister to J.crew but FIRE! Madewell is making awesome stuff that lasts, is contemporary and relevant, has…

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  • Sep222014
    biggest rpice drop

    THE Ul-ti-mate Bargain Hunter!

    I'm not a bargain hunter and everyone knows this....but there's a new website that you need to check out because…

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  • Jan172014

    Tuck-er Up!

    Do you ever have trouble keepin' it in your pants (or skirt)? Well Bradamant has solved that problem for us!…

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  • Sep132013

    Pay Yourself to Shop

    Sounds weird right? But it's true ~ since you're shopping, why not get a little back for what you spend?!…

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  • Jun102013
    donuts, doughnuts, breakfast pastry

    Where Are The Donuts

    Whatever happened to the “donut”? It was a simple, uncomplicated piece of dough, fried and then dipped in some sugar.…

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  • Apr252013

    Denim Day! Imogene + Willie

    Do you love denim? How many pairs of jeans do you own? You ever heard of Imogene + Willie? Maybe…

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  • Mar082013

    Men’s Shopping

    location: Montreal owner, Michel Brisson place has a Savile Row service ethic emphasis on suiting especially bigger sizes on-site tailor…

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  • Jan292013

    The 25 Most Expensive Stores In the United States

    Which ones do you shop at regularly? Here's how the most expensive stores in the United States were determined:…

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  • Dec302012

    Good D.C. Eats

    If you're ever in D.C. and want to get a glimpse of where the deals are made (outside the White…

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  • Dec162012

    Best Shopping

    Here's Travel & Leisure's roundup of the best luxury and antique stores, independent boutiques, and home decor shops. Which ones…

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  • Oct152012

    J.Crew Cashmere Shop

    It's J.Crew. So it's a brand you know. It's Loro Piana cashmere. So you know it's quality. I like J.Crew…

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  • Sep072012

    Ideeli Does Fashion Week at Fab Prices!

    Anyone "participating" in New York Mercedes Benz Fashion Week (#NYFW)? Ok so if you're not going to any shows, did…

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  • Aug102012

    J.Crew Fall Lookbook

    We've be sharing some of the trends for Fall 2012 and today we're looking at J.Crew's Fall 2012 Lookbook. Why…

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  • Jul272012

    Carol Lim: A Fashion “Two-fer”

    Do you know Kenzo? They’re a 42-year-old label founded by Takada Kenzo in Japan in 1970. He quickly changed his…

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  • Jul112012

    Just Be-COS

    COS stands for Collection of Style and is a store with no U.S. presence. I've seen them in Paris and…

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  • Jul102012

    Can We Give You $175 To Spend?

    We'd like to give you a gift certificate for $175 to spend at Lands' End Canvas. To get it, just…

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  • Jul052012

    The Perfect Denim (Fit) For YOU!

    Click below and you're on your way to figuring out the right denim options for you (men & women alike).…

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  • Jul032012

    Watch as Target Stores Grow Up!

    Target turns 50 this year and they've come a long way baby! Focusing on their fashion endeavors, they started out…

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