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Just Be-COS

Just Be-COS
2012/07/11 Better Blueprint

COS stands for Collection of Style and is a store with no U.S. presence. I've seen them in Paris and although I wasn't prepared to make any purchases, I loved it for the clean lines, uncomplicated styling ~ very Celine-esque and Carven feel. Here are the critical points:

  • it's an H&M upscale brand
  • H&M CEO Karl-Johan Persson is opening several locations this year!
  • it's for men and women
  • their focus is on high-end design, decent quality and reasonable pricing = nothing too flashy but always on point
  • their design concept carries into their stores ~ with a consideration for preserving structural significance, ambiance, etc.
  • look for dynamite fabrics, small details that add finish to the pieces, and elegance as simplicity
  • stay tuned.....we're excited to see the design aesthetic but not that psyched because the pieces aren't too friendly for the more shapely peeps

Here are a few sample pieces so you can get a flavor for what they're sellin'...

gathered shoulder dress, €30

elastic sleeve top, €25

printed panel dress, €41


shirt with large check, €34

leather ace up boots, €88