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Old Face, New Clothes: Nick Wooster

Old Face, New Clothes: Nick Wooster
2015/05/18 Better Blueprint

{nick wooster, former fashion director for bergdorf goodman}

Name: Nick Wooster
Former Occupation: fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman
Current Calling: clothing designer
Age: 54 years old/young
Say What?: coming this fall, in collaboration with Italian brand Lardini, it's everything Nick wanted but couldn't find

You heard right...the capsule collection will include linen blazers, button-downs, and summer tweed tuxedos!

I've followed Nick on Instagram for a little bit and appreciate his style sense and his sense of humor - which you'll see ON the clothes because apparently Lardini added his face, emoji-style, on the items!

Fun...and fashionable!


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