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  • Oct012015

    On The Road: The Quin Hotel

    How many hotels are in New York City? It's not a trivia question (but if someone knows, please share...) Next…

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  • Jun302015

    Stylish Reading: Secrets of a Fashion Therapist

    Secrets of a Fashion Therapist, Betty Halbreich A cool read if you have interest in becoming a stylist; or currently…

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  • May252015

    MANly Monday: Style Quote

    “I tend to keep a cotton or linen bandana or pocket square at hand. They’re a nice accent in terms…

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  • May182015

    Old Face, New Clothes: Nick Wooster

    Name: Nick Wooster Former Occupation: fashion director for Bergdorf Goodman Current Calling: clothing designer Age: 54 years old/young Say What?:…

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  • Nov292011

    Black Tie (Not) Optional

    It's that time of year and unless you have a personal tailor, you need to start considering how you're going…

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  • Nov032010

    Designer Behind-the-Scenes: Nancy Gonzalez

    I'm not a PETA person, but I try to by mindful of what I'm purchasing.  Wait - who am I…

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  • Aug172010

    Gentlemen Start Your Engines…

    Men, Bergdorf Goodman is a great place to start your fall wardrobe!

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  • Jul202010

    The Best Choo Shoes

    Get a look at the Jimmy Choo's that Tamara Mellon recommends for your closet...and that's saying a lot since she's…

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  • Jul072010

    Awesome Outfit

    I'm in love with this Diane von Furstenburg outfit from Bergdorf Goodman!  The deep blue color is ideal for work, the…

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  • Apr012010

    Jimmy Choo

    Jimmy Choo spring collection is available at Bergdorf Goodman's!  What more is there to say....

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