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Stylish Reading: Secrets of a Fashion Therapist

Stylish Reading: Secrets of a Fashion Therapist
2015/06/30 Better Blueprint

Secrets of a Fashion Therapist, Betty Halbreich
A cool read if you have interest in becoming a stylist; or currently use one...

It's all true! I went into it thinking it was gonna be about stuff that wasn't relevant to me as a stylist for professionals (versus stars, personalities, etc) but, I was wrong. I've spent many a day trying to sum up what I do and I believe myself to be part psychologist, part mentalist, part shopper, part truth-sayer - that is the life of a stylist.

Betty Halbreich is one of the most famous stylist and spent her career at Bergdorf Goodman's counseling the rich!

{secrets of a fashion therapist}

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