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my living room tsundoku

my living room tsundoku
2020/11/13 Better Blueprint

I oftentimes tell my clients that if they're stuck putting an outfit together, they should 'start with your shoes and build your outfit around those!' And people sometimes ask me where I get my style inspiration and the answer is a lot of places but I start with my living room tsundoku (it's a Japanese slang term that refers to a pile of books that never get read....).

They're not just my style jumpoffs but provide a visual smorgasbord for color inspiration, outfits, photography, and a lot of great history too!

Want any of these books? Here ya go:

And I've got one more in the chamber [it's en route and super excited about it!]: Supreme Models: Iconic Black Women Who Revolutionized Fashion by Marcellas Reynolds

And the candle is scrumptious too!