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  • Nov132020
    A book stack from a personal stylist, and includes Pantone, book by Antwuan Sargent and more

    my living room tsundoku

    I oftentimes tell my clients that if they're stuck putting an outfit together, they should 'start with your shoes and…

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  • Oct262017

    before anna wintour…

    Yep ~ time did not begin with Anna Wintour.....but with Diana Vreeland lol! Diana is the fashion editor who 'ran…

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  • May312015

    Stylish Reading: Bringing Home the Birkin

    Bringing Home the Birkin, Michael Tonello A very fun (and informative) read! My poor friend let me borrow this book…

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  • Sep212011

    Stylish Reading at ‘Reasons & Roses’

    Nichole Nichols, a freelance writer/editor/blogger for Reasons & Roses, asked me what my must-read's for the stylish fashionista.  Here's what…

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