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  • Nov132020
    A book stack from a personal stylist, and includes Pantone, book by Antwuan Sargent and more

    my living room tsundoku

    I oftentimes tell my clients that if they're stuck putting an outfit together, they should 'start with your shoes and…

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  • Apr162015

    Bringing Style Home: Inspiration

    I'm not a diligent blogger. I'm not the top in my field. I don't blog everyday. I have chronic 'writers…

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  • Nov032011

    Manly Inspiration

    Dwayne Wade is the I thought it would be great style inspiration! We're loving the layering of the fitted…

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  • Aug042011

    Mid-Year Style Slump

    Every year around this time, I get a little antsy and a lot bored with what's going on in stores…

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