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Bringing Style Home: Inspiration

Bringing Style Home: Inspiration
2015/04/16 Better Blueprint

I'm not a diligent blogger. I'm not the top in my field. I don't blog everyday. I have chronic 'writers block' when it comes to blogging.

With all of that out of the way.... I'm trying to do better. Be more consistent. Create better content. Remain authentic. Grow readership. Provide a "reason" to visit the site.

To accomplish all of that, I've taken a BIG step back to ask, "what am I doing here?" And slowly but surely the answer has been revealing itself to me (through others). Most recently, I was reading an issue of Adore Home magazine.

{adore home magazine}

I not only got some inspiration for sharing a post series (to come) that talk about "Bringing Style Home" but I loved hearing about Shop Sweet Things', Jeanne Chan along with others. So not that all of you blog but she gave four FAB insights that are worth sharing with everyone....thanks Jeanne!!

Fingers crossed that you find these small but powerful tips useful because I did....

{jeanne's four inspiration tidbits}


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