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how to be a good friend and gift-giver

how to be a good friend and gift-giver
2019/11/07 Better Blueprint
In Accessories, Style

Over the years, I've had to figure out what to get my gaggle of friends. I started out buying special gifts for each person and, frankly, that became time-consuming and expensive. Over the last few years, I've stuck with monogrammed gifts and that's a hit ~ who doesn't love to see their name or initials on something?!

This year, I'm going in a different direction (so hopeful that my girlfriends don't get mad when they read There are studies that say your olfactory sense is longstanding and has memory so this year's gift will actually be the same for everyone!

A scent sampler of 5 coasters! They are coasters but as someone who has already tested them out (of course!), I toss them in my drawers, in the car, in gym bag, in various rooms and closets, etc.....