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  • Nov072019

    how to be a good friend and gift-giver

    Over the years, I've had to figure out what to get my gaggle of friends. I started out buying special…

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  • Dec092016
    #girlboss by sophia amoruso

    Being Well-Read Is Always Stylish!

    I've made my list of books that I'll be reading in 2017 so feel free to scoop one or any…

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  • Nov222016
    stylish technology gifts

    “Curated” Holiday Giving: With Sexy Tech!

    Tech can get expensive so we kept our favorite items under $100 - and they can be used for guys…

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  • Nov192016
    best holiday gifts for men

    “Curated” Holiday Gifting: For Men

    The best gifts for men are simple: make it functional but cool! Here are our top picks for the holidays...and…

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  • Dec172015

    And Three More Gifts Under $50!

    Maybe you're already thinking about New Years Eve....(and if you're like me then you're keeping it low-key) or just need…

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  • Dec132012

    My Holiday Wish List

    I'll show you mine if you show me yours..... Here's my holiday #wishlist for this year. I do have a…

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  • Dec072012

    Holiday Gift Guide: Under $50

    This list could go on and on, so I wanted to share a few items that would provide big smiles…

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  • Dec062012

    All That Glitters Is Gold

    The color gold is rich. The metallic nature of it makes it easy to coordinate with anything and, in fact,…

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  • Dec052012

    Holiday Gift Guide: For The Person With Everything Already

    This holiday gift guide was easy to put together ~ it's a mix of some things I could only wish…

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  • Dec032012

    Holiday Gift Guide: Globetrotters

    Today's #giftguide is for the globetrotter that wants to make sure he or she can get where they're going in…

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  • Dec022012

    Holiday Gift Item: “The Big Reveal”

    I often share tawdry pieces of information with people I barely know and if you're like me then this sleeping…

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  • Nov292012

    Holiday Gift Guide: Working Mom

    Moms used to be "unsung" heroes but they're getting tons of attention (i.e., mom bloggers, mom conferences, etc) and rightly…

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  • Dec092011

    For The Bookworm…

    Bookmarks are so it's all about book darts ($10). They let you tab the actual line/word, so you can be…

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  • Dec022011

    Best Holiday Booty Under $100

    Giving gifts is fun and there's no better time than around the Holidays when everyone is cheery (and it's usually…

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  • Nov292011

    Gifts For The Girl With Everything Already

    For the girl that has everything, choosing something fabulous can be difficult (and often pricey). But we've created a list…

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  • Nov282011

    Manly Monday Style Meter

    Don't complain if you don't get what you want for the Holidays. You just need to start early and ask often......…

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  • Nov172009

    Party Til the Lights Come On…

    You can try that with some 5-inch stilettos but, I guarantee that you'll pay for it the next day.  Or…

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