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Best Holiday Booty Under $100

Best Holiday Booty Under $100
2011/12/02 Better Blueprint

Giving gifts is fun and there's no better time than around the Holidays when everyone is cheery (and it's usually reciprocated)! The average American spends around $935 during the Holidays, so if you've got a big family then this gift guide of items under $100 is for you!

Bose ie2 headphones, $90


Leopard leather iPhone cover, $99


Street-style jacket (perfect for Saturdays), $60


Kendra Scott earrings, $70


Watch case, $81


Bric's tote, $100


Waterpik, $60 (everyone should practice good hygiene!)


Travel jewelry case, $40


Metallic clutch, $81 (snakeskin, leather, contrast...yummy!)