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your initials in gold!

your initials in gold!
2017/04/03 Better Blueprint

Admit it - we're all obsessed with seeing our "name in lights"....or in this case, in gold on our arm! I'm not quite obsessed with initial engraved items but there is something personal and chic about them in small doses (initial necklace, charm, monogramming on the purse) and it's very now. Enter stage left, this gold-filled initial bracelet.

So Nashelle -- a small warehouse in Bend, Oregon -- started making these fun pieces and got picked up by Nordstrom. I have a cute charm necklace by Kendra Scott and it's now part of my everyday attire so when I caught wind of this small made-in-America manufacturer, I decided to give it a whiff.

Love it back it has a spring closure and it doesn't 'turn' even after being work nonstop for months -- WINNING!

Just another player in the personalization game worth checking out....

nashelle gold initial bracelet