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book launch: the creatives’ closet

book launch: the creatives’ closet
2020/09/30 Better Blueprint
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This book has been about two years in the making and there is a story behind -- connect with me and I'll share it or check it out here -- but it's finally here! On Friday, October 2, 2020 the go-to style guide book for female side hustlers, influencers, entrepreneurs, & empire builders will go live.

The Creatives' Closet is an essential business and style guide for any woman who understands that her personal brand IS her professional brand, and it holds power! The picture is the proof copy (I worked hard to ensure you'd have an enjoyable experience reading this....) so get ready!

Imagine if you took the fashion prowess of Carrie Bradshaw and added the closet know-how of Marie Kondo, their love child would produce The Creatives' Closet!