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I’m Trying To Blog….I Swear!

I’m Trying To Blog….I Swear!
2015/06/29 Better Blueprint

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Let me not pull any punches ~ blogging is hard work! Seriously....imagine having to be "creative" all the time- it's a lot of pressure so I have quietly stepped away from the moniker "blogger". But alas, there's a [big] piece of me that loves sharing style, what's hot, how-to wear something, what trends translate to work, etc.

The problem: I've been comparing myself to other bloggers and you know what they say, 'comparison is the thief of joy...' thus, I've made a new commitment to myself that I'm going to need your help with - to blog and share stylish stuff as often as possible. Doesn't sound too crazy, right?

My solution: Here's what I'm really saying...that I'm not going to pressure myself to give you something everyday if it's not compelling. BOOM!

Translation: I want to keep sharing polls (even though I get more responses on FaceBook than the blog) because it's cool to hear what you're thinking; roughly about half of what I'm going to share is sartorially-related so you'll see great items that will add to your wardrobe whether accessories, clothing, or headwear to name a few; and all the other "stuff" will be things I hear or see that would help you move closer to a more stylish lifestyle without a lot of fuss.

I'm clear you read it (although I'd love more comments) and I'm happy doing it so I'll continue.

Just a midyear rant that I wanted to share....

Care to share something with me - please do?!