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Tiny Chic Travel Essentials [downloadable]

Tiny Chic Travel Essentials [downloadable]
2017/07/17 Better Blueprint


The list is endless and while I can think of more than 50 items to add to the list, keep it simple with some absolute, non-negotiable must-haves that have even been vetted by some pilots and flight attendants!

These items are focused on those of us who don’t have a private jet [yet] but who still manage to soar the friendly skies regularly enough. The goal is to keep it simple but make it effective!!

Here’s your quick n’ dirty resource guide to look fabulous when you land whether it’s 30-minutes or a transcontinental haul:

  • Sanitizer – no one likes germs…and they won’t help as you move from climate to climate, etc
  • Facial spray – this is NOT too girly for guys either. It puts back a lot of what the high altitude and recycled air takes away…no need to speed up the aging process!
  • Moisturizer – think of it more as prevention than maintenance. The skin requires moisture and while you don’t need to look like an oil-slick, you do need a layer of protection to prevent some moisture from escaping
  • Lip balm – you don’t want to kiss cracked lips, right? As a fairly sensitive part of your face, they’re a great way to gauge whether you’re dehydrated or not
  • All-in-one – no need to carry multiple items like eyeshadow, blush, bronzer, highlighter, etc when one stick will get the job done!

What else would you add to the list?!