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  • May312020

    my may obsessions & purchases

    May Purchases I had to get a garlic keeper because I was sick of having the bulbs just hanging out…

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  • Nov252019

    3 tips for holiday #selfcare

    You need to be the best version of yourself because people are counting on you but it seems like "me…

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  • Jan192018

    give good face in 2018

    I saw this and instantly clicked to purchase it ~ this face serum is made from only four essential oils…

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  • Sep282017

    forever young with hyaluronic acid

    Hyaluronic acid is in EVERY beauty product you have today's awesome! Part of stylish living is being the best…

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  • Jul172017

    Tiny Chic Travel Essentials [downloadable]

    DOWNLOADABLE GUIDE The list is endless and while I can think of more than 50 items to add to the…

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  • Jan172017
    tammy fender beauty

    2017 beauty routine

    Tammy Fender is the name. You may have read about her in Vogue, Elle, Essence, Allure.... Her products are 100%…

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  • Dec082016

    Curated Holiday Gifts: How to Be Beauty-ful!

    Beauty is all about the little niceties that get us to age more gracefully.....which items are your favorite?! The Escentric…

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  • Jul072016

    Tackle Hair Loss & Gain Style

    Part of my beauty routine revealed.... For most women, hair is their 'crowning glory' and their pride and joy but,…

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  • Jan212016

    Roadtrip Part 1: Preparing for The Roadtrip Makes The Trip Better!

    I packed light using my Lo & Sons OG #travel bag and fit ALL of this: Beauty bag with just…

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  • Aug052015
    scents, Elizabeth & James, black & white

    On The Road: Travel Beauty Essentials

    I'm recently coming off the road from a four-day girls #roadtrip to Connecticut and New York. Compliments of @BuickUSA, we…

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  • Nov202014

    What I’m Reading Wednesdays…on Thursday

    I'm a day behind but not a dollar short. Did you see yesterdays post about Mary J. Blige's new album?…

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  • Sep052014
    YSL, lipstick

    $35 Beauty Budget Buster

    I was shopping for a client and after having walked by the Yves Saint Laurent counter, I decided to stop…

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  • Feb142014
    refinery29 - beauty - skincare

    Best Beauty Advice From Women Over 40

    Refinery29 featured five women over 40 who are beauty-ful and rockin' it - Blueprint for Style was one!

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  • Feb072014
    Pampadour-pamp party-beauty

    Pampadour Party

    Pampadour is this super cool site that is for beauty enthusiasts and while I'm much more of a style enthusiast,…

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  • Oct222013

    Custom Blend Foundation

    I love fall even though I quietly lament the passing of summer (long days, hot weather, sunny days, sand in…

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  • Feb042013

    A Firm (But Soft) Nonverbal “Hello”

    As a stylist, I would tell you that your first "hello" to anyone that meets you is done with your…

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  • Dec182012

    Jump Start 2013 Be-You-Tifully

    I've been 'gathering intel' and putting together the most comprehensive must-have list to jump start 2013 be-you-tifully. It's involved personal…

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  • Dec012012

    Holiday Gift Item for the Extravagant

    Gold lash extensions. Red-carpet worthy. $295 They aren't for me ~ I stick with regular lashes extensions (8s and…

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  • Nov302012

    Style Tip: Lips

    Luscious lips are not for the office. High gloss options are messy (and sticky), so go for an easy cream…

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  • Nov152012

    Style Tip: Hair

    It's a funny thing but, hair that is polished and "in order" creates the perception of an organized crazy,…

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  • Sep262012

    Insider Beauty Trick: Eyelift

    "White eyeliner is an absolutely essential tool that every makeup artist has in their kit." - Alphonse Wiebelt {Professional Makeup…

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  • Sep112012

    All The {Nail} Colors of Fall 2012

    This last year I've gone a bit 'off script' with my nail colors ~ I mean I've done purples, yellows,…

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  • Aug212012

    Do You Know Your Nail Polishes – Part 2?

    So you scribbled your best guesses and what did you come up with? Did you beat my 10 out of…

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  • Aug092012

    ELF & My Everyday Beauty Regimen

    Across the last 30 days, I've been working hard on my #BodyReboot and as a part of that, I've been…

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  • Jun012012

    “It’s Not My Color…”

    I can't tell you how many times I hear that phrase...for women and men. The thing is with Pantone creating…

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