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“It’s Not My Color…”

“It’s Not My Color…”
2012/06/01 Better Blueprint

I can't tell you how many times I hear that phrase...for women and men. The thing is with Pantone creating hundreds of colors every year, there has to be the perfect red for you, or the most illuminating yellow.

I threw on this gorgeous sleeveless peplum top that was olive and orange {I thought the olive-tone could work with my neutrals and the orange would give it a bit of zest} ~ the price was right at $31, the fit was perfect with a little room for dessert, and I love anything orange! A quick turn in the mirror and Vawh-lah...I looked sick and pale! Indeed, the yellow-undertone in the olive made me look ashen ~ my heart sank as I realized I couldn't get the top.  I share my sad shopping story so you'll know this: it's not the color that doesn't work for you, it's the shade that isn't complementary so keep looking. Tell me you don't like the color and we're good, but don't say "It's not my color".

The rules of the road:

  • your skin tone is either "warm" or "cool"
  • focus on hues not colors {why eliminate everything yellow when it's really just olive-yellow hues that don't work for you}
  • decide whether you want to compliment or contrast your skin tone

Here's what the beauty experts say:

  1. Olive skin tones get the perfect compliment with butter yellows and light pinks
  2. Grey hair pops with dark colors like navy and chocolate
  3. Light hair and eyes ("cool" skin tones) play nicely with pastels but are overpowered by strong colors like orange
  4. Redheads are considered "warm" so jewel tones like red and emerald rock
  5. Pink supposedly works for everyone (focus on the right hue)
  6. Deeply pigmented colors like purple and tangerine work fab for darker skin and "warm" skin tones