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$35 Beauty Budget Buster

$35 Beauty Budget Buster
2014/09/05 Better Blueprint

I was shopping for a client and after having walked by the Yves Saint Laurent counter, I decided to stop and find "my color". I knew the objective was an everyday color that could give me some color but not overwhelm a natural look. As a full-fledged adult, I was also set on a "red lip".

I tried several colors quickly (if you try it on, you have to wipe it off fairly quickly because it truly stains) and settled on two: #10, Rouge Filtre and #5, Rouge Vintage.

Since I'm on a budget, I opted to purchase Rouge Pur Couture  - Vernis A Levres Glossy Stain #10 because it was the red lip I had long wanted....(#5 is next).

YSL, lipstick